I tried to compile here a list of anecdotes that happened to me during my two-week vacation in Cuba. Most of the work displayed here is given as-is, with very few edits. Some sentences were adjusted a bit because they didn't mean anything but the rest is raw: I am no writer so the format and wording will not be the best. However, I wanted to give a glimpse of how I experienced this very first trip on my own.

  • Fabrica Last edited: 22/05/23

    I explored a famous night club during my second night (and birthday) in Cuba: The Cuban Art Factory (Fabrica de Arte), which is museum with multiple music scenes.

  • Doble Taxi Last edited: 27/05/23

    I got into a bit of trouble finding the bus station to go to Viñales and was forced to go in a three-wheeled taxi.

  • Australian Grandpa Last edited: 04/06/23

    Upon my arrival at my second destination, I meet Antonio, an Australian man at least thrice my age. We start an adventure in the countryside and he tells me about his very impressive travel stories.

  • Cow Viewpoint Last edited: 12/06/23

    After a long day of exploration, I infiltrated myselft in a fancy all-inclusive hotel that offered a gorgeous view of the valley.

  • Air BNB Last edited: 08/07/23

    My first morning in Matanzas did not go exactly as planned.

  • Dos Pesos Last edited: 08/07/23

    Follow me for a day of street food in Matanzas.

  • Firefly Last edited: 17/06/23

    I met an insect that made me very happy.